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Dec 5, 2013

Why & When to use NodeJS?

Ever wonder how to decide when to use NodeJS? And why to use NodeJS?


Here is a list :-

1. NodeJS is Super-fast (and Super cool too).

2. It is very lightweight.

3. Easy to configure.

4. Lots of modules available for free.

5. Using NodeJs you can create a server with few lines of code.

6. It is 90% faster than PHP Its event based single threaded non-blocking i/o model scales very well.

7. Using NodeJs, You can develop the application using a same language both on the client and server sides, This can save development time.

8. Is event-based so all the wonderful Ajax like stuff can be done on the server side.


1. When you'd like to maintain a persistent connection from the browser back to the server. (Called "long-polling")

2. When you'll be reusing a lot of code across the client/server side.

3. When developing real-time applications: online games, analytics, chat rooms, or anything where results should be displayed immediately, without a page refresh.

4. When server side code requires very less cpu cycle, non blocking operation and does not have heavy algorithm which consumes lots of CPU cycle.

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