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Jul 20, 2013

How I fixed Dell Mini 9 failed Mini PCIe SSD

I got dellmini 9 few months ago. Its a great machine. Everything was amazing but suddenly one morning when I turned it one, I got the Blue screen of death. I installed the xPux linux using USD and found that my data is safe, I took backup. I tried many utility softwares to fix the SSD but failed.

I asked few hardware guys, but they felt the same thing that SSD is gone and have to buy new one.

While Googling last night, I found a tutorial and tried as described and it worked well for me. Boom!!

Here are the steps:-

1. Get USB Pen Drive and format is with Fat32. Make it boot-able dos.
2. Download the following STEC SSD 8 / 16GB util firmware and unzip.
3. Take the mcru004.exe and put it in USB drive.
4. Boot your dellmini using the USB drive.
5. Navigate to the mcru004.exe and run. If its in root type c:\mcru004 and press enter.
6. Hands up! do not touch anything or switch off. Let the process complete.
7. You will be back at the C:\ prompt
8. Congrats your SSD is fixed. Switch mini9 off and install any OS you want.

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