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Feb 28, 2013

Hacking Micromax 400R (Mi-Fi)

Hacking means making things usable. For me most of the times its possible by creating stuff but sometimes have to break stuff. Today I hacked at a software just to get the functionality out as needed.
Let me tell you the story in breaf -

Yesterday I bought a Micromax 400R (Mi-Fi), Its a great device and cheap too ( Got just for 2450INR ). The MMX 400R is wireless router and Wi – Fi hotspot. Can be used to share 2G-3G dataplan over Wi-Fi for max 5 devices.

It was working well at start, but it started showing annoying ads when opening new web pages. For example if I am opening, It redirects to and ask you to "Enter M! APPs" or "Do not show this page". Every-time Have to click "Do not show this page".
Was something like this:-

I was exploring things, all the settings but found nothing to disable this ad. MMX 400R have a feature of "SD Card Sharing", Card can be accessed in browser by opening and choosing "Advance settings"-"Sharing"-"Sharing"

Buy exploring all the Ajax-calls I found that I can

1. View file list of a location using this call - 2. Can download file using this call -

2. Can create folder by using this call 

3. Delete file or folder by using

4. Upload or overwrite file, sending POST [multipart/form-data] request using these parameters current_folder_dir( value should be "longcheer_w>DIR_PATH>") lc_upfile ( type="file" File)

I tried and found that by using DIR_PATH as "/../../../mnt/resource/webpage" you can view, download or edit [ By uploading/overwriting ] all the scripts, files working at

I downloaded ads.html, as Its simple HTML/JS file, edited it so it can automatic redirect to the url without clicking on "Do not show this page". 

Check this link for more info

Try editing the cgi-scripts on your own risk.

 Happy Hacking.

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