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Jul 7, 2012

Php Object to Array

Want to share a simple but very useful php function. It helped me in many projects while parsing XML. We got simple Object by loading XML with simplexml_load_string or simplexml_load_file. This function converts a complex object to array.

Its more easy to parse and access and array than a object
Here is the function

//Function returns array by a SimpleXmlObject
function object2array($object){
    $return = NULL;
        foreach($object as $key => $value)
            $return[$key] = object2array($value);
        $var = get_object_vars($object);
            foreach($var as $key => $value)
                $return[$key] = ($key && !$value) ? NULL : object2array($value);
        else return $object;

    return $return;

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