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Dec 11, 2011

API for Google Plus Profile Info

As an API developer, I always keep searching open APIs that can help to access public data for social profiles. Last week I posted about Open APIs to access Social Profile Avatar Images , Many found it very useful.

Someone asked me to if i know any open API that can be used to access basic information of a Google plus user profile. I Googled the problem and found an API, called Portable Contacts API . This API is designed to allows a client application to access contact and social networking information under the Portable Contacts standard.

You can access Google+ profile information just with user ID
Its what you want, you can get users basic info like name, profile images and profile url etc; using this simple JSON API.

Here "116599978027440206136" is my Google ID. Redirect your browser to and see it in address bar.

Go write your Google+ widget, or hovercard!!

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