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Nov 3, 2011

i Google's Secret XML APIs

I think you all know about iGoogle, Who they dont know can check it out here iGoogle is personalized Google home page you can add Gadget that can show you information about Weather, Stocks, currencies etc.

Today in this post we are going to know about few of Google's secrete XML APIs, that make these Gadget work. And good news is that these are open APIs, that mean you have no need to use any key, or authentication mechanism to get data. You just have to parse these XML API data in your code.

Okey let me list out few of them.

Google's Weather API

You can use this API to show weather reports and weather forecasts for a city, it works for all the cities of world. Here is the Mountain View's weather report

You should check this post too Weather forecast php application in 7 lines

Google's Movies API

Ok movies lover? Want to get report about the movies running in your Theaters? Here is the API - You can replace Chandigarh with your own city name.

Google's Stock API

This API will provide you information about Stock values.
Google's own stock -

Google's News API

Here is the Google's News API, showing top news of today

You can translate them to any language using &hl parameter like -

If you need local news change the URL to your countries Google URL, for India its

Go write your own weather widgets!!!

I hope this post will be very useful for you. You can use these XML APIs for personal use, I suggest not use in a client project, because Google can make them stop anytime.


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