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Jan 12, 2010

Free Sms API and Php Class for Indyarocks users. is an Entertainment & Free SMS Social Network for Indians across the Globe. It allows members to build and leverage their network of contacts and free SMS to India.
i have created a php class that can send sms for you without going on the yes i am using curl with php.

Curl allows you to do any HTTP request, you can load a document, submit forms, set cookies, authenticate over HTTP, upload files, faking the referer and user agent set the content type and follow redirects. In short, anything you can do with a browser.

What is does?
This class (SmsClass.php) sends your login info via cUrl and set cookies. Calls Sms method over HTTP POST and send your message to given cell number.

Demo (API)
The demo is disabled on the request of Indyarocks founder Kalyan. And the class in no longer working.

You can download this class here.

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