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Dec 23, 2009

My useful gtalk robots

Web is just like your CMS(Content Management System). You can store images, your documents and can edit them on the fly. You can integrate all these facilities of modification and retrieving your contents; with help of web services.I mean to say that you have many options to control your contents.

I am here to discus one of them and its the Integrating Web Services In IM.

For me the gtalk is a best thing; i use it to chat with my friends and co-workers. I have some very useful gtalk Robot make my life more easy. I am listing here some of them

1. - Its a bot. It post on my blogger. i can set it to any of other can get your from their site.

2. -  its a google application that shorts my long urls. you can add it from here

3. - It updates my twitter  and periodly returns updates from my twitter friends. Your can add it from

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